Design Points

  • Video Surveillance
  •  Outdoor: 1080p HDCVI infrared cameras for day and night monitoring.
  •  Indoor: 1080p HDCVI WDR cameras for clear capturing and instant detection for forensics end.
  •  Hallway: 1080p HDCVI infrared cameras for illegal invasion prevention.
  •  Office area: 1080p HDCVI infrared dome cameras for office monitoring in case of internal property loss.
  • Alarms
  •  Smoke detector, infrared sensor and alarm devices are adopted; for example, emergency
  •  alarm buttons at the counter, smoke detectors in the hall and office area, and these alarm
  •  signals are all connected to the monitor/alarm host and uploaded to the control center for
  •  instant monitoring and recording.
  •  Broadcast and pickup in the lobby, two-way talk at each counter.



Office Hours

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